BSB funeral celebrant in France

Helping you create a fitting and personal way of  saying goodbye without a religious bias

My ceremonies are perfect for families who want a sincere reflection of their loved one’s life.

I can guide you through the whole process while learning more about that person.

The service is uniquely written for the person who died and their family. You will of course see the final words and you can take part in the service too if you wish. I am always there to support you should you need me.

My aim as a funeral celebrant in France is to make the day pass as a celebration of their life, and that you all feel better afterwards than when you first arrived.

finding a funeral celebrant in france


In some countries, the time between death and cremation or burial is very short.

A memorial a period of time after the funeral gives you time to reflect and time to know what you want to say and do.

I will guide you through this and we will truly celebrate your loved one’s life as you and they would have wished.

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